Allen County Moves Up in the National Bike Challenge

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Nice work, Allen County cyclists! We’ve recently moved up to #6 in the national rankings. Repeat: We are #1 in Kansas and #6 in the entire U.S.A.

It’ll take some effort to move into the top 5, but we can do it. Ride lots, and log those miles!

And for those who have been riding, but not logging your miles, it’s not too late. Just log in to your account at and add your rides. Use weekly estimates if you need to. Or, even easier, connect your Bike Challenge account to Strava or Endomondo or MapMyRide, and let them log your rides automatically. It’s so easy, and the miles add up so fast!

The Advocacy Challenge rankings are based on points/1000 residents. This means that small communities such as ours can effectively compete with much larger regions. As it stands, Allen County has an outstanding participation rate, with 124 participants in a county of 13,124, meaning that nearly 1 out of every 100 residents is taking part. But, with a small population, every cyclist counts. What you do does make a significant difference!