DQ Ride Leaps Into Action March 15th

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The weekly Tuesday Evening Dairy Queen Ride resumes on March 15th.

The rambunctious (F)fiends (O)n (B)ikes crew leaves the Southwind Rail Trail‘s Humboldt Trailhead at 6pm for a 13-mile journey to Iola and back on the beautiful rail-trail that connects Allen County’s two most populous communities.

Mark your calendar; save the date
Set your alarm so you’re not late
The “time” will change on day 13,
We’ll ride on 15 to the Dairy Queen.
(F)fiends (O)n (B)ikes are a punctual lot,
Kick stands UP at six on the dot.
Start at the trailhead-as long as it’s dry;
We’re riding the Southwind north, that’s why.
Bring your bike, your money and a grin,
For the FOB Mob DQ crew gonna ride again!
13 miles for a whole round trip,
Weekly fun exercise you won’t want to skip.
So, dust off that bike – get ready to roll;
Cycling and ice cream are good for the soul!

(Photo and rhyme courtesy ride leader Terry Broyles)