Iola Adds New Trail Signage

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There is new wayfinding signage on the Prairie Spirit Trail and on the Southwind Rail Trail.

The new signs, obtained via a grant by Thrive Allen County, and installed by the City of Iola, are located at major road intersections along the trails: Riverside Park, US-54, Cofachique Park, Miller Road, and Oregon Road.

The signs provide visitors with information to help find services, amenities, and major landmarks.

The signs are large — about 8 ft by 4 ft — enclosed in metal frames, and situated so that they are visible to both trail traffic and street traffic.

Coming from the south, here is the first thing that visitors see as they arrive at Riverside Park in Iola, welcoming riders and pointing to downtown, the Mo-Pac Trail, Cofachique Park, and the Prairie Spirit Trail:

Iola Signs - Riverside Park Welcome

And here’s the opposite side of the sign, thanking riders for visiting Iola, and lets them know about attractions along the Southwind Rail Trail, such as the rest area, and Cannon Park in Humboldt:

Iola Signs - Riverside Park Thanks

At US-54 Highway, the sign points visitors to downtown amenities such as shopping, restaurants, and cultural attractions (via the West Street sharrows):

Iola Signs - US54

At Cofachique Park:

Iola Signs - Cofachique Park

The sign at Oregon Road, heading north, informs riders about distances to towns along the Prairie Spirit Trail.

Iola Signs - Oregon Road

The signs are a great addition to Iola’s trail system, welcoming visitors and helping them to find their way around.