Iola to Consider Complete Streets Ordinance

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Complete Streets Iola

On February 8, 2016, the Iola City Council will consider a Complete Streets ordinance.

The practice of designing a community’s built environment so that it is safe and convenient for all types of travelers is known as “Complete Streets”.

Complete Streets provide appropriate accommodations for pedestrians, bicyclists, and persons of all abilities (such as people using wheelchairs, mobility devices, and the sight-impaired) while promoting safe operation on the roadway for ALL users.

I Bike Iola ShirtsCommunities that follow the Complete Streets precepts not only provide opportunities for their residents to get around safely, but encourage people to make healthy choices in their day-to-day transportation decisions. The community also realizes significant financial savings by doing things right the first time, rather than implementing necessary infrastructure as expensive “improvements”.

Everyone who walks, rides, or drives in Iola is encouraged to attend the City Council meeting to show their support. The meeting is 6pm at the new Riverside Park community building. [see map]

If you’re a bicyclist, please wear your helmet! If you have an “I Bike Iola” shirt, please wear that as well (we’ll have a few extras on hand for those that need to borrowe them, and these are available for purchase at the Thrive office as well).

The helmets and shirts are a very visual way to show your support for Complete Streets. Please arrive a bit early so we can get a group photo.

Show your support for Iola Complete Streets! (image courtesy
Show your support for Iola Complete Streets! (image courtesy