May 2015 National Bike Challenge Wrap-Up

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In the first month of the 2015 National Bike Challenge, Allen County riders pedaled 3423 miles, ranking #9 in the country in the Local Challenge rankings. To date, as a county, we have 104 riders signed up, of which 32 have logged miles.

Bike Allen County, National Bike Challenge May 2015
Bike Allen County, National Bike Challenge May 2015

Individually, here is our top 10:

Bike Allen County, National Bike Challenge May 2015, Top 10 Riders
Bike Allen County, National Bike Challenge May 2015, Top 10 Riders

Two of our riders, Randy Rasa and Elizabeth Cox, rode every day during the month.

During May, Iola ranked #7 in the state of Kansas, with 6,241 points (78 riders, 2,341 miles), Humboldt ranked #18 in the state, with 1,605 points (22 riders, 845 miles), and La Harpe ranked #45 in Kansas, with 597 points (1 rider, 237 miles).

Allen County currently has two workplaces participating in the National Bike Challenge, The Market Place, with 2 riders (ranked #9 in the state), and Thrive Allen County, with 2 riders (ranked #28 in Kansas).

If you’ve not yet signed up, head on over to and get going, It’s fun, easy, and free!

And if you’re signed up, and have been riding, but not been logging all your miles, you can still do so. Just log in, click “My Account”, scroll down to the calendar, and click on individual days to add or edit miles. (And again, to make logging miles automatic, we recommend using Strava with either a smartphone or GPS cyclometer, and connecting your National Bike Challenge account to your Strava account.)

Note: During the month, the organizers of the National Bike Challenge decided to change the way that communities, teams, and workplaces are ranked. Previously, they were ranked on a “points per 1000 population” basis, which tended to favor small communities, teams, and workplaces. Now, they’re ranked on raw points, which favors larger entities. This change has hurt our rankings, since we don’t have the population to compete against larger communities.