National Bike Challenge: May 2016

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One month into the 2016 National Bike Challenge, 120 Bike Allen County riders have logged 2,551 miles, and rank #108 in the nation among Advocacy Challenges:


One-fifth of the way through the Challenge, we’ve nearly met our goal of 130 riders, but are well off the pace for the 40,000 mile goal.

Among Allen County communities, here’s where we stand so far:

  • Iola: 90 riders, 1,957 miles, #322 in the nation
  • Humboldt: 26 riders, 511 miles, #1,230 in the nation
  • La Harpe: 1 rider, 74 miles, #3,360 in the nation
  • Moran: 3 riders, 0 miles
  • Elsmore: 0 riders
  • Gas: 0 riders
  • Savonburg: 0 riders

A reminder: The National Bike Challenge is a FREE program to encourage people to ride their bikes. It’s a neat way to both keep track of your own miles, and engage in a bit of friendly competition with friends, neighbors, co-workers, or other communities. You can log your miles manually after each ride, or use a GPS cyclocomputer or a smartphone to automatically log the miles. It’s fun!

Get your self signed up and log those miles at!