National Bike Challenge, August 2015 Results

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We’re now 4/5 of the way through the 2015 National Bike Challenge, and Allen County is hanging tough.

Together, 113 of us have registered for the Challenge, and we’ve ridden over 24,000 miles so far:


Bike Allen County ranks #5 in the nation in the “local challenge” rankings, as well as #1 in Kansas:


Locally, Iola has 84 riders who’ve ridden over 15,600 miles (#230 in the nation, #5 in Kansas), Humboldt has 25 riders who’ve ridden over 6,600 miles (#723 in the nation, #11 in Kansas), and La Harpe has 1 rider who’s ridden over 1,700 miles (#2258 in the nation, #39 in Kansas).

And here are our top individual riders, for the challenge to date:


One more month to go. Let’s finish strong!