As you travel through Allen County, you’ll find bicycle parking available at many locations, in most communities.


Thrive Bike Racks

Iconic Thrive Allen County bike racks are located around the county, at parks, community centers, and private businesses. These distinctive racks accommodate two bicycles, and are available, at cost, from Thrive. To request a Thrive bike rack, contact Thrive Allen County at 620-365-8128.

Thrive Bike Rack


Business Bike Parking

We’re working to improve the number of businesses in Allen County that provide bicycle parking for their customers and employees. In the meantime, we want to highlight those businesses that already provide this valuable amenity:

Thank you!

If there is a business that you patronize via bicycle (or would like to!), please take the initiative to talk to the owner or manager. Often, they are simply unaware of the need for their customers to securely park their bicycle when shopping at their establishment. If they’re open to the idea of adding bicycle parking, please have them contact Thrive or refer to the following guidelines for appropriate bike racks to purchase and install.


Bicycle Parking in Public Spaces

The following are some of the public spaces with bike racks in Allen County:

  • Carlyle: Prairie Spirit Trail Trailhead
  • Elsmore: Community Park
  • Gas: Fees Park
  • Humboldt: Camp Hunter Park, Cannon Park, Swimming Pool, Town Square
  • Iola: Cofachique Park, Elm Creek Community Garden, Public Library, Swimming Pool
  • La Harpe: City Hall
  • Moran: Public Library


Bicycle Parking at Public Schools

The following are some of the public schools with bike racks in Allen County:

  • Iola High School
  • Iola Middle School
  • Jefferson, Lincoln, and McKinley Grade Schools in Iola
  • Humboldt Elementary School
  • Humboldt Middle School
  • Marmaton Valley Schools, Moran


Bicycle Parking at Churches

The following are some of the houses of worship with bike racks in Allen County:

  • Wesley United Methodist Church, Iola


Bicycle Parking Guidelines

The lack of a secure parking space keeps many people from using their bikes for basic transportation. Leaving a bicycle unattended, even for short periods, can easily result in damage or theft. Finding a bike rack that doesn’t work or isn’t conveniently located makes for a frustrating experience. Use the resources below to improve bicycle parking in your community.

While it may sound easy to just add a bike rack, there are several considerations to take into account to make the bike rack(s) useful, secure, and unobtrusive:

Bike Rack Elements - Good vs. Bad

A good bike rack should:

  • Support the bicycle upright by its frame in two places
  • Prevent the wheel of the bicycle from tipping over
  • Enable the frame and one or both wheels to be secured
  • Support bicycles without a diamond-shaped frame with a horizontal top tube (e.g. a mixte frame)
  • Allow front-in parking: a U-lock should be able to lock the front wheel and the down tube of an
    upright bicycle
  • Allow back-in parking: a U-lock should be able to lock the rear wheel and seat tube of the bicycle

Comb, toast, schoolyard, and other wheelbending racks that provide no support for the bicycle frame are NOT recommended. Wave-style racks are also NOT recommended. Wave-style racks are a poor choice because they do not provide two points of contact with the frame, and bicycles are more likely to fall over in the rack. The advertised capacity of a wave rack is also usually much higher than the actual practical capacity.

In addition to the design of the rack itself, care must be taken in its placement. Locate bicycle parking in a highly visible and highly convenient spot, preferably near entrances. If bike racks cannot be seen, they won’t be used, and any bikes parked there will be susceptible to theft or vandalism. Bike parking should be reachable without conflict with automobile or pedestrian traffic.


Additional Information

Links to additional information about bicycle parking: