Bike Route SignThere are approximately 970 miles of roads in Allen County, of which 120 are paved, with the remainder being unpaved, primarily gravel. With the road system designed on a one-mile grid, broken only by the Neosho River, this offers cyclists a nearly endless choice of routing options.

While individual riders can obviously design their own routes utilizing our extensive network of roads and trails, using services such as Google Maps, Map My Ride, or Ride with GPS, there are certain routes that cyclists familiar with the county particularly recommend.

Here are a few of the more popular bicycling routes in Allen County, Kansas:

Note: Documenting these routes is a work in progress … more will be added as time permits!


Routes Starting in Iola

The following routes begin (and usually end) in our county seat, Iola:

  • Bazer's Dozen Loop -- This is a quick low-traffic paved route east of Iola, perfect for a regular training loop.
    13 miles
    Paved Roads
  • Dirt Roads West -- Explore minimum-maintenance dirt roads on the west side of Allen County.
    54 miles
    Gravel Roads
  • Geneva Cemetery Tour -- An out-and-back ride to the ghost town of Geneva.
    22 miles
  • Hard 40 -- This 40-plus-mile paved loop is actually not so hard, but it's a great training route to rack up some miles.
    41 miles
    Paved Roads
  • Husker Lakes Loop -- A fast paved loop to the southeast of Iola.
    17 miles
    Paved Roads
  • Wander to Welda 50K -- Ride to Welda on the Prairie Spirit Trail.
    36 miles
  • West 600 -- Explore the countryside on either side of the Neosho River on this multi-surface training route connecting Iola and Humboldt.
    22 miles


Routes Starting in Humboldt

The following routes begin (and usually end) in the history community of Humboldt:

  • Harveyville Loop -- Visit the rural place once known as "Harveyville" -- not quite a town, but once a corner store.
    22 miles
    Paved Roads
  • Humboldt-Chanute Loop -- Ride from Humboldt's Cannon Park to downtown Chanute and back.
    27 miles
    Paved Roads


Routes Starting in Moran

The following routes begin (and usually end) in the city of Moran, located in eastern Allen County:

  • MMM Loop -- Some challenging hills and lovely country on this loop through northeast Allen County and northwest Bourbon County.
    56 miles
    Paved Roads
  • Moran-Bronson City Park Tour -- This out-and-back route connects the city parks of Moran and Bronson.
    13 miles
    Paved Roads


Strava Segments

Strava IconStrava is a web site (and smartphone app) that allows people to map their rides, compare their rides to others, and see the routes that other people have ridden. It is a wonderful tool for exploring bicycling opportunities in your area.

One of the most interesting features of Strava are their “segments”. A segment is simply a portion of a route or trail that has been defined on Strava. Segments can be used to compare your efforts to those of other riders, to compare your own efforts over time, or to discover interesting and popular places to ride.

If you’ve not yet signed up for Strava, please do so. It’s easy (and free!) to set up an account and log your rides using a GPS bike computer or smartphone. Also be sure to check out the Bike Allen County Strava Club.

Browse Strava Segments in Allen County



  • All routes are designed using Ride With GPS, a web site that allows you to view routes online, print a map and/or cue sheet, and download a route to your GPS device or smartphone.
  • View all Bike Allen County Routes at Ride With GPS.
  • All routes are designed to begin in Allen County, but may venture into neighboring counties.
  • Most routes are designed as loops, beginning and ending at the same location.
  • Routes are designed to begin at public locations with adequate parking, such as public parks.
  • Allen County is a very safe, low-crime area, but standard precautions are recommended. If you drive to a starting location and leave your vehicle, be sure to lock your vehicle and ensure that no valuables are visible through the windows.
  • If you’re planning to leave your vehicle overnight, please contact the local police department (Iola: 620-365-1437, Humboldt: 620-473-2341, Moran: 620-237-4724, La Harpe: 620-496-2241, Allen County Sheriff: 620-365-1400)
  • Routes are designed to connect to local services (food and drink), but since this is a largely rural region, you should plan on long stretches with no services — carry plenty of water, snacks, repair tools, cell phone, etc.



These routes are provided without any warranties or guarantees. Like any activity, bicycle riding has inherent hazards, some of which can result in rider injury or death, and cause the injury or death of others, as well as damage to the rider’s personal property and the property of others. Persons using the route suggestions and/or downloading the maps posted here acknowledge that assumption of risk, and also further acknowledge by such use or reference of these route suggestions that no liability is assumed by the creator of these maps and/or the entities, individually or collectively, of Thrive Allen County and their agents, officers and employees (collectively referred to as “Producers”) and that participants in cycling along these routes release the Producers from all liability, claims, demands, losses or damages and further agree that if, despite this release and waver of liability, assumption of risk and indemnity agreement, users (or anyone acting on their behalf), make a claim against any of the above referenced people or organizations, that the Producers will be indemnified, saved and held harmless from any litigation expenses, attorney fees, loss, liability, damage, or cost which any may incur as the result of such claim. See also: Terms and Conditions