Bike Trail SignAllen County is blessed to have an abundance of trails for hiking and biking:

Prairie Spirit Trail
The Prairie Spirit Trail State Park is a 52-mile biking and hiking trail built on a former railroad right-of-way that connects Iola in the south to Ottawa in the North.
Southwind Rail Trail
The Southwind Rail Trail is a 6.5-mile trail that follows a former Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway line from Iola to Humboldt.
Lehigh Portland Trails
The Lehigh Portland Trails are built on the site of a former cement plant and quarry, along the banks of Elm Creek in Iola, Kansas. The trails feature over 7.5 miles of both rail-trail-style gravel-surfaced trails and natural-surface trails for mountain biking, trail running, and nature hikes.
Missouri Pacific Recreational Trail
The Missouri Pacific Recreational Trail (or Mo-Pac Trail) is a short paved trail connecting the Prairie Spirit Trail to shopping, dining, residential, and education destinations within Iola.
Centennial Trail
The Centennial Trail is a short (0.25 miles) paved asphalt trail in Humboldt. The trail is located on the south side of town, and connects George Sweatt Park in the east with Centennial Park in the west.
Fees Park Trail
The Walter and Helen Fees Memorial Park is a small city park in Gas, Kansas, featuring a quarter-mile trail for walking and biking.
North Elm Creek Micro Trail
The North Elm Creek Micro Trail is a short (0.25 miles) social trail located at North Elm Creek Park in Iola. A bit of easy-to-access urban singletrack!
Allen Community College Trail
The Allen Community College Trail meanders around Allen Community College athletic fields. The gravel trail is about 1 mile in length.
Neosho River Park Trail
The Neosho River Park Trail is a 0.2-mile gravel path that winds along the Neosho River in Humboldt, with many native trees and flowers, and an impressive view of the low-water dam on the Neosho River.

Allen County is the King of Trails

KingOfTrails-300In the days before the numbered US highway system, the nation used names to refer to routes. The roadway that ultimately became US-169 was originally known as the “King of Trails Highway”, and ran from Winnipeg, Canada to Brownsville, Texas.

Today, with one of the largest and most diversified trail networks of any rural county in the state, Allen County has taken the “King of Trails” name as its own.

In addition to the excellent trails within Allen County, there are plenty of other trails to ride within a short trip in every direction: Regional Trails

Thinking about riding our trails? Check out our Allen County Kansas Visitor’s Guide!