The North Elm Creek Micro Trail is a very short 1/4 mile social trail located at North Elm Creek Park in Iola, Kansas.

North Elm Creek Park, as the name implies, is situated on the north shore of Elm Creek. The small park features a fishing area, picnic tables, a nine-hole disc golf course, and a network of social trails through the wooded areas along the creek. These informal trails have been used by generations of Allen County residents to access the creek, and to walk and bike through the trees.

The trail entrance is located just past the disc golf hole 1 tee, near the disc golf kiosk. Follow the spine of the ridge (which is actually the path of the old Iola Electric Railroad) south through the trees, pop up atop the mound overlooking Elm Creek, then drop onto the access road, ride through the picnic area, drop once more through a gap in the treeline, and then ride a twisty path through the trees, looping back along the northern shore of Elm Creek, before heading back north towards the start.

The length of the trail, as shown, is about a quarter of a mile. The trail can be ridden in either direction, and there are numerous options for alternate routes and loops within the park. The North Elm Creek Micro Trail makes for a great little taste of singletrack, easily accessible from the town, via the Washington Avenue sharrows.

Once the proposed Elm Creek Pedestrian Bridge is in place, North Elm Creek Park will be connected to South Elm Creek Park, the Lehigh Portland Trails, and the Southwind Rail Trail. In the meantime, this little trail is a nice amenity for local riders looking for a quick, intense bit of dirt.

North Elm Creek Micro Trail Map
North Elm Creek Micro Trail Map


North Elm Creek Micro Trail Kiosk
North Elm Creek Micro Trail Entrance


North Elm Creek Micro Trail Drop
A small drop-in on the North Elm Creek Micro Trail


Note that this is an informal social trail, and the park is shared with disc golfers, picnickers, hikers, and people fishing, so be sure to be courteous and yield to other users. Note also that Elm Creek is prone to flooding, so stay off the trails when they’re wet, and be alert for any debris or obstructions on the trail.